ARUN GEMS INTERNATIONAL (AGI) is a Seattle-based premier jewelry wholesaler. We supply mainly GIA, HRD-certified diamonds and fine jewelry to stores in the Northwest United States. AGI takes pride in supplying top quality diamonds and rare gems. Our company sources from gem mines and diamond cutters across the globe.  We strictly limit to GIA certification standards thus keeps our products to maintain the highest quality standard in the jewelry industry. The company commissions rare pink and orange colored diamonds below 2 carats. AGI was established in Bangkok, Thailand in 2009 and expanded its operations in 2016 to Seattle, WA.

A key factor affecting the price of any jewelry piece is the quality of the center stone. A gem alone cost you more than design and making combined. Sourcing from AGI is crucial when it comes to buying jewelry. With our specialized team members in designing and diamond cutting, we use our own diamonds and gems to create exceptional masterpiece jewelry. If you are looking for unique diamonds, gem or jewelry pieces, your search stops here because AGI is the right source that offers you the best value. 


Tilak Kumar
Sales executive & Founder
A Designer, Diamond trader, Graduate Gemologist from Gemological Institute of America and candidate of American society of Appraisers, Tilak started his journey learning how to design jewelry in 2003 then Diamond cutting and polishing in Surat, worlds diamond cutting capital from 2003-2005. From then he learned and practiced all the professional skills such as diamond technology and Graduate Gemologist program that needed to become an international business man.
Jaume Labro
Jewelry Artist
One of a kind Jewelry designer and craftsman who has mastered in Japanese sword making technique called Moku magane. His creativity leads to adopt Mokumagane and applied in Jewelry making thus launched his own rare and unique line of Wedding and engagement rings.
Suresh Desai
Diamond cutter
Born in a diamond cutters family Suresh Desai mastered in diamond cutting for decades. Suresh in the past, served in a DTC sight holder (Selective Registered buyer from Dee beers) company in Surat. He had the privilege to manage a team of more than 300 diamond cutters. Now Suresh runs his own cutting facility that has 20 diamond cutters.


AGI designed two special rings for me in 2009. Since then, AGI is our family jeweler. Special attention to detail and reaching perfection amazes me. Diane Roh

Geneva, Switzerland

I am one of the very lucky persons to have met Tilak Kumar through Arun Gems international, and to count him amongst my business relations . His professionalism and honesty never ceased to impress me. I trust AGI to be in the best hands possible. David Birling Miljana

Paris, France

Thank you for helping my fiance, Richard in designing such a beautiful ring. It’s stunning and I feel proud when i look at the ring. Kristine Brooke

Madison,WI- USA

We were very satisfied with the purchase of our special diamond over two carats. Tilak’s deep knowledge and good advice helped us to sell the diamond to our client. The quality & price was excellent. Thanks for the excellent work. I look forward to working with AGI again on such special diamonds.

Romano Giacometti

Padova, Italy

We were introduced to Tilak Kumar from Arun Gems International (AGI) through a mutual friend. I needed to have a diamond ring made for my bride-to- be, and my online research for colorless diamonds led me to visit various shops in SE Asia and in the New England area of the United States. AGI’s quotes were far better than any previous estimates we had seen for GIA-certified diamonds. Once we had decided on the purchase, Mr.Tilak met with us over a quick lunch at the time of the transfer, adding a nice personal touch to the transaction. Our experience has been strongly positive and I can wholeheartedly recommend using AGI for your diamonds and gemstone needs.

Christopher Hsiao,

Structural Engineer, USA

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10900 NE 4th Street, Suite #2300.

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