Jaume labro

Designer, JewelryArtist

labro being a professional climber, worked on trading business in Central America and Europes in his early life.  He developed a fascination with the art of gemstone cutting, he decided to enroll in gemological studies and chose Gemological institute of America in 2007 often called as the “Harvard gemology”. Later he was trained under Jerry Call, considered one of the best gemstone cutters ever. He became a consultant for Tiffany, Cartier, and the American Gem Society. He cut the famous Carolina Emerald; owned by Tiffany and Company, and cut stones for many celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor. His mastery of fine gem cutting can be seen in: The Elizabeth Taylor Collection, The Smithsonian Institute, The Carnage Natural History Museum, The Natural Museum of History, NY., and Tiffany’s.

labro extensively travels to South East Asia, Central Asia, East and West Africa, selecting rough diamonds and gemstones that he would cut for some of the most exclusive jewelry brands around the world.

His love for beautiful stones naturally led labro towards Jewelry Design. After all, a beautiful stone should be complemented by the design of the jewelry it adorns, so labro became a jewelry designer with special focus in wedding rings, wedding bands and engagement rings.

As a wedding rings designer his main interest was in finding ways to create completely unique wedding rings. Because of that, Mokume Gane, an art that creates unique patterns in precious metals, became the focus of his attention, so once more he decide to embark on intensive learning. As always, he sought out the very best teacher – a master of his art. He moved to Kyoto (Japan), a city known for its traditional Japanese art and culture. In Kyoto, he devoted years to learning under his teacher, a master-craftsman with a family background of more than 400 years in the art of mokume gane.

Reasoning that different teachers would show him different approaches to the art, he moved to the Kumano mountains and Niigata to learn under different teachers. Further training under Spillman, an authority in this field and a great European artist took labro to Switzerland to round off his journey through learning the art of Mokume gane.

Today, labro’s unique bridal collection of mokume gane represent the combination of all the skills acquired through the years with some of the best artists, stone cutters and goldsmiths. At the present moment Labro is still living in Japan, and continues to have a passion for designing one-of-a-kind wedding rings, combining this with other handcrafted pieces he creates.



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