Diamond cutter

Suresh was born in the world’s diamond cutting capital Surat, India. He learned diamond cutting and polishing while being surrounded by experts in the field. Suresh’s pinnacle start in his longstanding career is becoming diamond cutting operation manager at a DTC site holder (registered buyer of De Beers) Karp Impex in 1997. There, he managed a team of 300 diamond cutters who specialize in “hearts and arrows” cutting, which brings out the highest brilliance in diamonds. In 2000, Suresh expanded his expertise in diamond trading and moved to Mumbai, one of the world’s major diamond trading hubs. In 2008, Suresh and Tilak met, traveled to Thailand where Tilak mentored Suresh in international diamond trading. Suresh has since traveled to various mines including Alrosa diamond mine in Moscow, Russia. Suresh’s experience and knowledge makes him a great addition to the Arun Gems International team.

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